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Canon Pixma IP2702 Driver Download - Windows - Mac - Linux

Canon Pixma IP2702 Driver Download - Windows - Mac - Linux

Pixma IP2702
Injet Printers
Canon Pixma IP2702 Driver Download - Windows - Mac - Linux
 Pixma IP2702 
Canon Pixma IP2702 Series - Manufacturers tend to label printer inkjet low-end homes like the Canon Pixma iP2702 Photo Printer as a photo printer, and this tends to print decent photos for very good, often to ignore the quality of the text. In the experiment we did, Canon Pixma iP2702 stand model on its head. The photos that have been somewhat disappointing, and it's surprisingly good in printing text.

The Canon Pixma IP2702 is a handsome but Sparta. Matte black with rounded corners, very compact: 5.2 17.6 by 9.8 inches (HWD), weighing 12.1 lbs. The minimalist interface, just two buttons one-off switch to another label with a piece of paper plus a confusing icon; screen user guide reveals to be the resume/Cancel button. There is an LCD viewscreen or anything. Open paper tray, packed top could fit up to 100 sheets. It does not have auto-duplexer or paper-handling all optional features.

A simple setup like the Pixma iP2702 appearance will mean, plug it in, install the two bullets, load the software on your computer, connect the USB cable (the only connectivity option), and follow the instructions. I tested the iP2702 on PCs running Windows Vista. According to Canon, ships with drivers for Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP/2000 and Mac OS X v. 10.4.11 to 10.6.

Canon printer iP2702 is the lowest price that we have reviewed in a few years. Our system currently available closest comparison-price costs doubled or more.

PIXMA IP2702 scored our business applications suite at 18 seconds (using QualityLogic's hardware and software for the time), while iP4820 finished in 11:17 and Officejet 6000 at 11:34. It took the iP2702 average 34 seconds to print a photo of 4-by-6 and 3:31 to output 8-by-10. IP4820 averaging 55 seconds per 4-by-6 and 1:44 for 8-by-10, while HP takes 1:05 and 2:28, respectively. So although the Pixma iP2702 slower than one of these machines are more expensive, the difference in speed is a little more obvious in print from type-program office rather than the output photos.

IP2702 surprises come in our quality testing, where it produces good quality text but not-so-good photos. Graphic output is on par with most inkjets we've tested. Text quality is quite good, especially for an inkjet. The majority of our test fonts are easily readable at 4 points, with two easily readable at 4 points and one in 5. Necessary font very difficult for just one type of larger than 8 points into easy-to-read (passing the threshold in the 12 points, better than most of the printers we've tested on). All except one font is easy to read and well formed as just 8 points, and one was also established on 5 points. The character that was dark enough and sharp enough for inkjet, though under magnification they show little spatter ink on full time in space between or within a small character in the font. This text is useful for schools and business purposes of any of those who need the highest quality text.

Typical quality graphics show the IP2702 inkjets. Two issues worth mentioning is the tendency for the stripes very thin for a break (some printer problems is really immune to), as well as dithering, it is clear that dot pattern to show a set of pictures.

The photo was on the low end of the quality we see from inkjets-under quality drugstore, but suitable to print photos to a bulletin board or cupboard, or print Web pages. Some photos have been especially soft colors. Some images show posterization poor transitions in color gradients. Monochrome picture shows poor contrast, as well as a band that a faint discoloration.

Canon Pixma iP2702 Photo Printer can fit also aware the bylaws print share text but needs a lightweight photo printer, or as students in the close quarters of the dormitory. Canon may call it a photo printer, but we think of it as a text printer disguised-as long as you do not need to print in a hurry.

Canon Pixma IP2702  Operating System Support

  • Windows 10-32bit | 8.1-32bit | 8-32bit | 7-32bit | Vista-32bit | Xp-32bit, Windows 10-64bit | 8.1-64bit | 8-64bit | 7-64bit | Vista-64bit | Xp-64bit  
  • Mac OS Sierra 10.12 | Os X 10.11 | Os X 10.10 | Os X 10.9 | Os X 10.8 | Os X 10.7 | Os X 10.6 | Os X 10.5 | Os X 10.4

Canon Pixma IP2702 Driver Download - Windows - Mac - Linux

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Canon Pixma IP2702 drivers Installation

  • Click on the Download button or link and wait until ready
  • Select a location to save the file. Click next
  • Extract the file on your computer/laptop
  • Double click on the .exe file format for the installation process. At a time when the installation begins, follow the on-screen instructions
  • When finished, restart your PC/Laptop
  • Then Do the test
  • Completed
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