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Canon Pixma IP4200 Driver Download - Windows - Mac

Canon Pixma IP4200 Driver Download - Windows, Mac

Canon Pixma IP4200 Driver Download - Windows - Mac
Pixma IP4200 
Canon Pixma IP4200 Series - Canon Pixma iP4200 Photo Printer represents an evolutionary step forward than the iP3000 and iP4000 replace in line of Canon. Compared with iP4000, iP4200 is cheaper, faster to business applications, as well as provide more length for photos. Unfortunately, getting quality that ranks a touch below the photo and take a little longer to print than they do with the Pixma iP4000, but make the overall balance of features for an impressive package.

Canon iP4200 photo printer, and it was clearly designed as one, with five inks instead of the usual four. In addition to cyan, yellow and magenta cartridges, also holds good for the cartridge-based black pigment and dye-based black; their goal is to increase the output photos. As with most photo printers Canon Pixma iP4200, offers a solid combination of speed and also quality for text and graphics too, making it a superb choice as a single, all-purpose printer.

One of the more impressive features of this at 6.3 by 10.3 by 11.8 inches (HWD), 14.8-pounds is printer paper-handling. Unlike most Ink Jet, iP4200 offers two paper input: standard paper feed tray and the back sticking out of paper tray that slides into the second part of the future. Load the paper tray in one standard and also the photo paper in the other, and you can switch back and forth between standard printing and photos without having to swap out the paper every time. You can load both types of paper in each tray, but you may want to load the most frequently used in tray sticking out from the back, because the one in front of the meneydiakan better protection from dust. Another nice touch is the automatic duplexing, allowing you to print on both sides of a page.

Setup is standard fare for Canon ink jet. Plug the power cord, snap the print head and five ink cartridge, plug the USB cable, and run the setup program automatically. You will also find the PictBridge connector on the front, to print directly from a PictBridge camera.

The performance is one of the greatest strengths for iP4200. With a total test time of 4 seconds on our business applications suite, it is the fastest printer in its price range considerably, essentially tying the $200 HP Photosmart 8250, who is the editor of choice for photo Ink Jet. Only the ink jet that has ever handed in time more quickly to the suite is $200 HP Business Inkjet 1200d, 13:10.

Photo performance is also fast, on average 1:18 for each print 4-by-6 and 3:12 for each 8-by-10. That easily beat all the current printer in its price range, but we are rated at the high end good, than good, because it is slower than the iP3000 and iP4000, about 10 seconds faster for the 4-by-6 and about 35 seconds faster for the 8-by-10. According to Canon iP4200 required slowing the printhead design slightly to ensure proper placement of smaller drops, which are as small as 1 picoliter, compared with 2 picoliters for the iP4000 the smallest drops.

The quality of the output text is described as good enough for most purposes, but not as impressive as speed. The high end of ranking well is translated most of the fonts are easy to read at 5 points or smaller, with two very stylized fonts that need 12 points. Unless you have unusual needs to print text on the small size, the printer must be able to handle any text that you tend to print.

The quality of graphics, on the high end, both will work well for internal use or business school, as well as a little bit is good enough for important clients or customers You want to impress. We saw some appeal, but only in default mode. Potentially more troubling issues, namely a tendency to full page graphic to make our standard examination paper curl.

We also saw some problems with photos, especially the little red color in the monochrome photographs of our testing and the tendency for some colors being too punchy. But most of the photo quality photos right, get the ranks very well for photos in total. So while the output quality could be better, surely good enough for photo printing, as well as, with most of the photos, good enough for pictures you may want to frame.

Also worth mentioning that Canon says new generation of ink and paper that offers a 30-year lifetime if it is framed behind glass, or 100 years lifetime if stored in archival quality photo album, with photos in plastic.

Canon Pixma IP4200 Operating System Support

  • Windows 7-32bit | Vista-32bit | Xp-32bit, Windows 7-64bit | Vista-64bit | Xp-64bit |  
  • Os X 10.7 | Os X 10.6 | Os X 10.5 | Os X 10.4 | Os X 10.3 | Os X 10.2

Canon Pixma IP4200 Driver Download - Windows - Mac

iP4200 Printer Driver (Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000)
Download → Ver. 2.00
iP4200 Printer Driver (Windows 7 x64/Vista64)
Download → Ver. 2.00
My Printer (Windows)
Download → Ver.3.3.0
Easy-PhotoPrint EX (Windows)
Download → Ver.4.7.0
iP4200 CUPS Printer Driver (OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7)
Download → Ver.
iP4200 Printer Driver (Mac OS X 10.2/10.3/10.4/10.5)
Download → Ver. 4.8.3
Canon Pixma IP4200 Drivers Installation
  • Click on the Download button or link and wait until ready
  • Select a location to save the file. Click next
  • Extract the file on your computer/laptop
  • Double click on the .exe file format for the installation process. At a time when the installation begins, follow the on-screen instructions
  • When finished, restart your PC/Laptop
  • Then Do the test
  • Completed
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